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Are you contemplating, or involved in any stage of divorce or a child custody matter? 

Have you been seeking answers to these or other questions?

Do I really need a lawyer? 
How should I be preparing financially? 
What will happen to our house, our children, our financial future?
Can we stay out of court?

Consult with me before you spend thousands of dollars to retain an attorney. I am a Family Law Attorney with years of experience both in and out of court. The court system is an adversarial forum and does not have the time or motivation to give you the individual attention your situation needs.  Divorce attorneys make more money if the case is contested, therefore they are not always looking for the most economical solution for their clients; financially or emotionally.  A contested divorce is emotionally destructive and if there are children involved it has resounding effects on them as well.  

Preparation and strategic planning are a critical part of a divorce, whether individually or as a couple.  My practice is for those who are either contemplating divorce or have started the divorce process. I can represent you in and out of court or you can choose an alternative where I will not represent you; but what I will do is answer your questions, give you guidance, tell you what your options are, explain the law, and inform you of the consequences of particular actions relating to family law matters to help you avoid mistakes which can have serious consequences in the future. I will prepare you for court if need be, and my experienced paralegals will prepare and file your legal documets. If you decide you don't want to go to court without a lawyer I will then become your attorney of record and vigorously represent you.  I will meet with you individually or with you and your spouse/partner.  

A divorce consultant who is also a lawyer understands not only the legal landscape of divorce, but also the financial and emotional consequences. Click on the "Services" tab above to learn more.

Dont take action without being informed. Call me today to schedule an appointment
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                     Karen C. Smith, Attorney at Law

                   Protect your finances, your children, 
                your possessions...Your future!

 Call and ask about my new "pay as you go" attorney and paralegal services for Family Law cases. No up front retainer!!!!